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    Author of two nonfiction books, one novel, one feature-length film, two shorts, and eleven screenplays... most, under pen name "Conrad John."
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    "My hat is off to [Merrell Vannier] for his exhaustive research. His actions scenes are on par with Tom Clancy." T.M.
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My latest productions:

arrows cover

Why would the US government infiltrate a church?
Why would a church infiltrate the US government?
Who ran both sides?

A Tale of Power, Corruption & Secrecy... with a Billion Dollar Empire Hanging in the Balance.

Learn the inside story about the fall of Scientology's intelligence network—the notorious Guardian's Office. And how this set the stage for a takeover of the church by 21-year-old David Miscavige. Was Miscavige's motive to save Scientology from an out-of-control intelligence network? Or was it something more sinister? Stunning controversy that flips the narrative on the subject of Scientology.

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Masters of War

mow coverRiveting tale of WWII espionage based on true events.

Behind enemy lines, a Jewish assassin stumbles upon the greatest secret of World War II. This fictional story is based on real, but little-known events that shaped WWII and its aftermath.

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haunted houseHaunted House, The Movie

A local abandoned house, with a nefarious past, is the subject of Mark and Danny's film making project. Rumors and urban legend state that those who enter this creepy abode never live to tell about it. Taking full advantage of the myth and spookiness of the house, Mark and Danny have rigged it with hidden cameras and effects to scare the subjects they plan to capture on film...

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Latest News and Appearances

Merrell is currently working on a new bookl tentatively titled, Major Hawkes, a contemporary spy novel.

Stay tuned for updates.